The Main Street Companies

Main Street United Services Company, LLC and Main Street United Companies of America, Inc.

William H. King, founder of "The Main Street Companies," is an honor graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and has earned several academic awards and scholarships. He has been involved with numerous projects including developing a three year plan for the Tredegar Corporation, analyzing the organizational structure of Ukrops Supermarkets, and designing a real estate brokerage firm. He has helped to research marketing strategies, develop surveys, collect data for new products, and has been recognized by the CEO of a Fortune© "Most Admired" company for his work with their legal clients. He has served as the editor of an award winning publication and as coordinator for the Beta Gamma Sigma Area Alumni Network. His education and experience have helped him to recognize the need for quality business services. Through establishing "The Main Street Companies" he would like to help you or your business effectively accomplish all your goals.

Main Street United Services Company was founded in the spring of 2013 at the historic YMCA building on Madison Avenue in downtown Memphis, TN.